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The optimal solutions for your benefit.

Our international group welcomes you to the Internet. We are specialized in providing the expertise, the services
and the selected products to be used first of all in the wide range of technologies requiring efficient solid - liquid

We are an independent multinational group of associated companies employing enthusiastic technical specialists
with many years of experience, knowledge and spirit to serve.

With strong technical focus we are committed to improve the efficiency of the solid-liquid separation processes in our partners’ technologies with the help of professionally selected and applied flocculants, coagulants and retention aids (polyelectrolites).

On top we are offering also a large number of additives improving the performance of the processes and the
quality of final products: antifoamers, dispersants, anti-scalants, rheology modifiers, inhibitors, biocides, coloration
and sizing products, bentonites, industrial water management products for closed water circuits in cooling water
systems and boilers, etc.

The typical industries we are involved in are:

• Mineral processing/Mining
• Sugar industry
• Treatment of municipal and industrial effluents and sludges
• Drinking water
• Paper and board production
• Oil recovery
• Water management

The growing number of our satisfied partners in many countries justifies our approach and business philosophy -
we help our partners to save.

As a part of our expertise and services we provide our customers with a wide range of equipment to enhance
the performance of the chemicals such as fully automatic polymer make-up systems for both solid and liquid
polyelectrolites, automatic dilution units, automatic and/or manual dosing pumps, monitoring systems, etc.