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Allied Solutions - Területek, KapcsolatokAllied Solutions - Territoriya, Kontakti
Territorially we are specilised in providing technological, application engineering and logistic services in countries
of Central-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

We are represented in the following countries via our own companies, branch offices, representative offices and
associated partners:

• Hungary
• Poland
• Czech Republic
• Slovakia
• Romania
• Slovenia
• Croatia
• Serbia
• Montenegro
• Bosnia & Herzegovina
• Macedonia
• Bulgaria
• Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
• Russia
• Ukraine
• Belorussia
• Kazakhstan
• Kyrgyzstan
• Moldova
• Albania

Our contacts:
Allied Solutions Central Eastern Europe Ltd
1116 Budapest, Kardhegy utca 22.
Central e-mail:
Tel: +36 1 371 0317
Fax: +36 1 371 0318

Allied Solutions Central Eastern Europe Ltd. Branch Office in Slovenia
Allied Solutions Central Eastern Europe Ltd. Representative Office in Kazakhstan
Allied Solutions Poland Ltd.
Allied Solutions Ukraine Ltd.
Ecosistem Proiect Ltd. Romania
CSC Distribuce Ltd. Czech Republic
Compact Consultants Ltd. Bulgaria
Donico Ltd. Serbia